Anton Friisgaard



About me

I am a multifaceted musician and soundmaker, with a masters degree in electronic music.
I work intuitively, with a variety of electronic and acoustic sound tools, from a foundation of solid knowledge about composition, audio production and cultural references.

I’ve collaborated with Danmarks Radio, Roskilde Festival, Zetland, Boiler Room, Strøm Festival, Esbjerg Ensemble, Ægteskaber Uden Grænser, Late Love Productions.

My music has been released on vinyl, cassettes and digitally on labels spanning the globe, in countries like Japan, Cairo, Germany, Belgium, Portugal and France.

I’ve presented music at Roskilde Festival, VinterJazz, Cph Jazz, Annecy Festival, Intonal Festival, Strøm Festival as well as venues and art spaces like Gl. Strand Kunstforening, Inkonst, ALICE, Koncertkirken, Super Aarhus. Culture Box, Den Anden Side, Mayhem and more.